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Keep your team happy and productive

Your company is growing, new hires, everything is breaking. Nobody knows what’s going on anymore, and productivity decreases. This is a good problem to have. We help you solve it.

Don’t be afraid of growth. Accelerate it!

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Connect everyone across teams and functions

Keep your teams connected to each other. Help team members learn and innovate faster by increasing transparency across the company.

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Recognize great work and give credit

Look for wins to recognize people so they know their work matters. Support your team members and scale your ideal team culture.

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Happierco brings our team together even closer than before.

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Rudy Setiawan Managing Director
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Of all the OKR management tools we evaluated, Happierco had the simplest & easiest interface...

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Ben Hodson Principal Cofounder

Goal setting / OKRs

Define company, teams and individual goals aligned together. Share progress and keep everyone accountable, productive and engaged.

  • Create goals at all levels using OKRs methodology.
  • Visualize alignment across the departments and teams.
  • Show progress and keep accountability.
  • Define weekly priorities to achieve goals.
Goal setting using OKRs with Happierco
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360° Feedback

Simplify your 360° Feedback process. Track progress and align your team with your core values. Support your team members and scale your ideal team culture.

  • Exchange feedback any time between team members and manager.
  • Run formal 360° Feedback cycles using predefined templates, or create your own templates.

Culture / Pulse surveys

Figure out what you are doing well and what’s wrong so that you can improve your workspace and team culture faster, and increase employee happiness.

  • Run frequent, automatic pulse surveys using predefined questions, or add your own questions.
  • Get insights on employee happiness and engagement.
  • Collect anonymous comments to make objective decisions and have honest discussions.
Pulse survey questions with insights in Happierco

If you're not fast, your competitors will be. Build a strong culture that enables growth.

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