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Keep your team happy and productive
regardless of their location

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Help team members grow into high performers

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Align your objectives and clarify expectation

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Build the best workplace and prevent attrition

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Build strong relationships and improve engagement

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Rudy Setiawan - Managing Director

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Happierco brings our team together even closer than before.

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Ben Hodson - Principal Cofounder

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Of all the OKR management tools we evaluated, Happierco had the simplest & easiest interface...

Employee Performance and Engagement Platform

Goal Setting

Everyone is accountable, productive, and works together toward the top company priorities.
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Goal setting using OKRs with Happierco
1-on-1 meeting notes page in Happierco

1-on-1 Meeting

Develop your relationship between managers and their direct reports.
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360 Reviews

Simplify your 360° feedback process and accelerate manager and employee growth.
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360 degree feedback summary step in Happierco
Pulse survey questions with insights in Happierco

Culture / Pulse Surveys

Improve your team culture faster, and increase employee happiness thanks to continuous feedback.
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Get employee and performance management advice
for HR teams, managers and executives.

OKRs Methodology: The Complete Guide

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