Increase the motivation of your employee with regular 1:1s

Increase the motivation of your employee with regular 1:1s

Coach your employees in improving their personal development and mental health.

1-on-1 meetings calendar view

Never lack inspiration during your 1:1s
and easily plan the next actions.

1-on-1 meetings agenda items view

Happierco offers 50 questions and 5 different topics. Discuss the most important things or add items to your calendar.

Write down your next actions, stay organized, and do whatever you agree with your teammates.

Centralize and prioritize all your actions in one place.

Capture a full picture of one-on-one sessions in your organization

Track what you are doing well or not, and determine what changes you need to make to improve employee engagement.

1-on-1 meetings insights

Stay confident by using one-on-one meetings to improve
employee relationship.

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