Reviews that suit your needs and help you improve
employee performance

Get a well-rounded view of your team's attitudes, behavior, and performance. It's time to give them useful and critical feedbacks.

Run a specific review cycle, regardless of your objective or the frequency of your company's performance review.

Review templates view list

Access our question templates and have different
perspectives on people's skills

Review template questions list

Help manager gains insight and cultivates the unique strengths of their subordinates with a variety of review question templates.

Be free to create your templates according to your expectations to assess the hidden skills of your staff.

Adapt your review cycles to your company culture and values

With Happierco, you can run review cycles only for specific teams or on company-wide.

Depending on the review cycle, you can decide to hide the identity of the reviewer to the person assessed to preserve their relationship.

Schedule automatic reminders or send notifications to your employees to remind them to complete their actions on time.

Review cycle administration view

Identify your team strengths, weaknesses, and progresses.

Review cycle report view

Happierco allows you to visualize the performance of your teams and helps you make the right decisions.

Reveal to your employees their strengths and weaknesses and help them progress according to team review reports.

Help your teammates obtain combined perspectives on their performance from their manager, peers, or subordinates.

Find the best way to give and receive useful feedback.

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