20 Exceptional employee praise and recognition ideas

Praising your employees is about recognition. When your employees are working hard and accomplishing great things, the least thing you can do is let them know that you are proud. Most workers thrive by feeling appreciated. 78% of US workers say being appreciated motivates them at work. Plus, if your employees are happy to work for you, they’ll be engaged and productive. Receiving praise boosts motivation and empowers.

However, praising employees can be trickier than it sounds. There are wrong and damaging ways to congratulate your staff. It is therefore important to know what to do and how to do it. Here are 20 ideas of employee praise and recognition that will surely serve you.

1. Create a culture of recognition

Give recognition a place in your schedule. It can be at the heart of your meetings. At the end of each meeting, you can take a few minutes to congratulate employees who have stood out or who have accomplished great things. It takes little time, requires little effort, but is still very effective.

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Create a culture of recognition

2. Have a symbolic trophy

An employee impresses you by their performance so he or she may deserve a small trophy. You can have a small symbolic trophy that you give to the one who stood out the most in the week and in turn he or she can return it to another who later will do a great job as well. It is a symbolic gesture that can easily motivate your employees.

3. Earned leave

Many employees dream of being able to come home earlier, to have a long weekend or a day off during the week. It would be wonderful to tell an employee that for their excellent work you are making this dream come true. Some may think that one or two days off can negatively affect productivity, but this is not the case. This little gift will make your employee want to always do well and will motivate other employees to want to do like the person.

4. Give small gifts

It could be a recognition card, a new pen, a restaurant ticket or access to one of their favorite entertainment centers. If the employee likes painting, get the employee access to an exhibition, and if the employee likes movies, a movie ticket will do. These are the little things your employees can do.

5. Surprise recognition

It’s a bit like surprise birthdays. Wait with the rest of the team for the employee you want to congratulate at the reception or in the office and surprise them when they enter. Show that you are proud of the work done and that you support it.

6. Team recognition

Forget about individual work for a moment. Your team has worked hard and achieved good results. This is an opportunity to highlight the importance of teamwork by congratulating your team. Congratulate the team and all of its members.

Social media recognition

7. Social media recognition

The praise of an employee who has done a great job can also be done through social networks. For example, you can use the company’s Facebook page or your groups to highlight his achievement and openly congratulate the employee stating their achievement.

8. Award ceremony

Give your employees the opportunity to have fun and receive awards. It is an opportunity to present awards to the best employees. Don’t just reward those with good stats. For example, you can create an award for the employee who is most present at their job, for the most sociable employee and for many other things.

9. Roll of honor

Having an honor roll could be a really good idea. On the honor roll you can register the most deserving employees. The renewal of this table can be done weekly, monthly or each time an employee does a new feat.

10. Congratulate personally

It’s wonderful to congratulate an employee in front of their team or in public, but it’s more meaningful when you do it personally. Take the time to send him a message or call him individually to sincerely congratulate him

11. Help them grow

Invest in the development of your employees. Train them, ask them what their goals are, and help them achieve them. One of the things that motivate employees to be successful is their professional development. You can show your employees that they are doing a good job by helping them improve.

Write a sincere thank you note

12. Write a sincere thank you note

It’s an authentic gesture that your employee will likely remember for a long time. A handwritten note is very important especially in the age of technology. This small gesture will let your employees know that you notice and appreciate their efforts.

13. Encourage peer recognition.

Recognition should not come from employer to employee alone. Help your employees recognize each other to improve collaboration between departments. Whether during physical meetings or virtual exchanges encourage your employees to value themselves.

14. Offer a lunch

Offering lunch is a lovely gesture of gratitude. It’s a time when you and your employees can share lots of things, talk about your plans for the future, your hobbies and share some jokes. It is important to offer your team these little moments of relaxation and sharing to relieve stress and thank them for their efforts.

15. Provide flexible hours

Most companies require their employees to show up on a fixed schedule. It is possible to use this to your advantage by setting specific but flexible hours. It will motivate your employees to become even better. Flexible hours are a benefit much appreciated by employees.

Get an appointment with the boss

16. Get an appointment with the boss

For many companies and especially large companies, it is difficult for the employees to have a moment of exchange with the boss. One idea of ​​recognition would be to get a meeting with the boss. It will be a great opportunity for the employees to spend time with the boss, to have his opinion on certain points, and to exchange ideas.

17. Empower

As a sign of recognition, you can put your employee in a position of responsibility if there is no real promotion. The employee can therefore be like an example or a guide for his peers. This idea allows you to reward your employee but also to get them to help others follow the same path.

18. Celebrate employee birthdays

Failing to offer them their day, you can make it enjoyable. You can decorate the office to the employee’s taste or provide a little surprise. Making cards with the rest of the team members or putting together a little video where everyone presents their wishes would also be great.

19. Support a personal project

An effective way of recognition is to support your employee in one of their projects. Your employees have several projects, whether within the company or outside. Helping with advice, relationships or financing would make them happy. It shows that you are interested in their development and fulfillment.

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20. Recognize their other talents

Your employees have without many talents other than those they question at your service. You can recognize your employees by showcasing their inner creativity. By doing this you show your employees that you value their diverse talents apart from their contribution to work.

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