Bringing more transparency to your company

Building a culture of transparency in your company enables everyone to communicate more effectively. Critical information is more accessible for decision-making, and employees support each other’s goals to reach the broader company objectives.

With Happierco, we’re bringing your team even closer together with two new improvements:

1- Easily surface key information

Now, with Happierco, every employee can easily interact with each other in just a few clicks, see the company’s priorities, team activities, and the daily tasks and updates of colleagues, thanks to the new menu design and the new teams and people directories.

So you know what is happening, can discuss with other employees, coach, and get to know each other more.

2- Give feedback in a single click

In addition to being informed of what is happening, thanks to the feedback button which is visible on individuals, teams, and company pages, everyone can share feedbacks and praise. Cool, right?

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