Keep your teams engaged and productive amidst the coronavirus pandemic

The Covid-19 outbreak is placing everyone in a tough situation right now. A tough time for businesses, from startups and growing companies. We sympathize with everyone and hope everything gets better sooner.

At Happierco, we care about team engagement and productivity across organizations irrespective of their sizes. We believe it is still 100% possible to keep everyone aligned with the company’s top-level objectives using an intuitive and simple OKRs solution and managers can still retain their best team members by doing effective 1-on-1 meetings remotely or in the office. 

More emphatically, we’re offering a 3 months free access to Happierco Growth plan (entire features of Happierco) strictly to businesses who prove themselves worthy of this discount by sending an email to [email protected] as to why we should grant you this COVID19 discount. You will get a response to your request within 24hours if accepted or rejected. See pricing for features in the Growth plan.
Note: This discount is only valid during the pandemic.

Alternatively, you can decide to use Happierco Free which is free forever. An immediate response to the pandemic to help small and medium-sized companies. Here are more details about the features in the free plan:

Maintain your team engaged and productive, and fight coronavirus with our support.

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OKRs and Goal settings

A full pack OKRs tool for company teams as they work from home or still operating from the office. Here are what you can do with Happierco OKRs tool:

  • Define goals for the company, each department, and each individual on a regular basis (usually quarterly).
  • Make sure employees and teams are aligned with the top priorities of the company.
  • Communicate the vision and goals of the company to every team member.
  • Track and report progress toward those goals on a regular timetable.
  • Get everyone involved and updated as things change.

1-on-1 meetings: Make remote meetings more effective

1-on-1 meetings have always been a crucial part and parcel of many companies’ activities. In the work-from-home scenario; a lot of meetings would be held via remote work orientated video conferencing apps like zoom, skype, tandem, and lots more. With our 1-on-1 meeting scheduling and prep solution you can:

  • Develop your relationship with your teammates as you plan this together on the fly.
  • Schedule 1-on-1 with teammates and get them notified and prepared too.
  • Automate meeting schedules to notify participants on recurring bases.
  • Be well prepared with question templates and prioritize your next actions.
  • Support your team members and help them overcome challenges.

We hope that this helps bring the office feeling with you at home, most importantly, stay safe and follow all the preventive measures prescribed. Get started for free 

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