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Why you must care about employees happiness [Infographic]

A great idea is never enough for a company to succeed. It is just the first step. To prepare for the challenges of running a business, a company needs a great team, a great product, and great execution. These three steps together will enable you to succeed and outperform the competition.

Treat your employees so they won’t use your internet to look for new jobs. – Mark Zuckerberg

Often, bad products are the results of poor execution by disengaged and unhappy teams. Many companies don’t invest in employee engagement systems because they fail to understand the need for them. The infographic below shows the impact of employee engagement and happiness on business success.

Employee engagement and Happiness impact on Business Success

So many companies believe making a profit is the most important thing for them to sustain growth. But what they fail to understand is the fact that happy employees are also necessary for the health of their organization. If employees are happy and engaged, they create an efficient, fast-growing, and productive workplace. Therefore, if you want to see improvement in your company over time, make employee engagement a top priority.

If you want happy and productive employees, read the 4 methods to create an engaged team.

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