How to make your employee recognition stand out

To achieve business goals, it is essential that employees are engaged and productive. One of the things that increase employee engagement is recognition. The existence of a good relationship between employees and the employer is an excellent asset for the company.

According to a recent global study, Recognition is the number one thing employees say their manager could give them to inspire them to produce great work. 58% of professionals also pointed to “Employee recognition” as the solution to employee disengagement. Recognition helps increase the motivation and satisfaction of employees at work. It also promotes creativity and innovation.

Recognition also impacts the 6 important aspects of workplace culture:

  1. Purpose
  2. Opportunity
  3. Success
  4. Wellbeing
  5. Appreciation, and 
  6. Leadership

Forms of recognition

Existential recognition 

Existential recognition is addressed to the individual as a person to make them feel they exist in the eyes of others and to feel respected. This form of recognition is expressed through respect, courtesy, attention, and morning greetings. For example, a simple “hello or thank you”, or showing interest in a person and their life. A study by the insurer Malakoff Médéric reveals that 57 of French employees associate morning hello with the feeling of well-being in business.

Employee Recognition

Recognition of results

It is the most logical and the most measurable. It is equivalent to rewarding an employee or a team when a goal is reached. This assumes that the objective was clearly defined at the outset and that the results are observable, measurable, and controllable. The reward can take the form of a bonus, a salary increase, a promotion, or simple congratulations.

Recognition of effort

Not everyone can produce exceptional or visible results. Some employees go to great lengths, and it is important to recognize this. It is a question of showing gratitude, of thanking the employee for their efforts, commitment, in sometimes difficult working conditions, or within the framework of a function little put forward, although essential.

Recognition of competence

This is about taking into account the work of the person rather than the person himself, valuing their behavior, professional qualities, relationship with clients, and teamwork. It is important to highlight the quality of a job well done, to value and stimulate creativity and innovation.

10 ideas to review your work recognition program

1. Congratulations at the meeting

During meetings with your team, please take the opportunity to congratulate an employee on their exploits. Explain in detail and sincerity why the employee stood out. Let your employees also congratulate their colleagues who they think have stood out.

2. Small gestures

Please take a few minutes to support an employee with a stressful project, connect them with the right people when they have a problem, or even help them out. Show that you are there for your employees and that you care about them.

Private talks

3. Private talks

Take the time to talk to your employees in turn around a dinner or a face-to-face meeting commonly know as 1:1 meetings. Be interested in their activities, what excites them, and their ambitions. Take an interest in them and their projects. This allows you to know your employees and build a relationship of trust.

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4. Small hello

The hello seems useless for some, but this simple little attention can change a lot. Hello is a very simple way to show your respect and consideration to the person you are addressing it to. This does not require too much effort and does not imply that you engage in long and unnecessary discussions. It’s just a way to show that you are grateful to have your employees with you.

5. Encourage participation and initiative

Invite your employees to take part in decisions and show them that you trust them. This will allow them to feel involved and share the company’s objectives. Getting everyone contributing to the decisions fo the company isn’t that difficult. You can conduct simple pulse surveys whether working in the office or as a remote company.

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6. Feedback

Give positive feedback to your employees to encourage them and increase their motivation. Recent research shows that 68% of employees who receive accurate and consistent feedback feel fulfilled in their jobs. Feedback is essential to help employees improve their skills. You should also conduct 360-degree feedback often to let employees assess themselves and their colleagues.

7. Peer recognition

Encourage your employees to recognize the successes of a colleague when they assist each other or when they are personally impressed with a colleague’s quality of work. Recognition at work should not just come from the manager. Colleagues are also important in employee appreciation.

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8. Work on personal projects

Your employees are too busy working to achieve the company’s objectives, but they also have projects of their own. It can be a project that has nothing to do with your business, a future project, or even a wedding project. Support and encourage your employees. Participate if you can or advise them.

9. Parties or collective outings

This aspect has a lot to say about your company culture but most companies fail to acknowledge it. Organizing events such as end of quarter parties, games, fun lunches, yoga, dinner party, sport competitions or outings has been one of the major culture strategy used by outstanding companies to retain their top performing employees. Celebrate Christmas in advance with your employees or invite them to a party at home. Organize outings together, or build your tradition.

Christmas at work

10. Surprises

Offer small gifts for Christmas or bonuses on occasion. If you get the hang of it to surprise your employees and finish the job earlier. Be an unpredictable employer. Here are some ways to surprise your top performers:

  • Organize a surprise party for your top performers including cakes, confetti, and their favorite music. 
  • Surprise your top performer with a shoutout on social media about their achievement .
  • Publish the success stories in the company’s newsletter.
  • If possible, offer scholarship funds for their children’s education.


Employee recognition largely depends on their well-being at work. Recognition is a mutual feeling, and it is therefore important that employees above all feel useful and in their place. These ten ideas are an example of how to make your employee recognition stand out.

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