5 ways to create a culture of employee recognition

Employee recognition is a powerful means of recognizing the efforts and sacrifices employees make for the company. This approach significantly influences the productivity, engagement, and retention of employees within the company.

It is not uncommon to find that many companies recognize high-performing employees more often at the end of the year. But the culture of employee recognition goes beyond this passing distinction.

Another important aspect of this kind of company culture is that it motivates and inspires employees to grow and is a way to attract and retain the best talent for the benefit of your company. Here are 5 best ways to build a good culture of employee recognition.

Favor recognition

From all points of view, the work accomplished by the employees must be publicly recognized. All other team members should be made aware of the praise and recognition you give to their teammate. You should better off, adopt a recognition system for efficient employees.

Establishing an effective employee recognition culture starts from the top. It’s up to senior management to effect any positive change within the company. If the idea of ​​congratulating employees does not come from the top, leaders must show their unconditional support for this initiative.

Celebrating hardworking employees merits is an approach that makes employees happier and more engaged in an organization, so to prioritize recognition within your company, you can design ballots or rating systems that can be filled in anonymously and then put in the suggestion box. To make life even better, sign up to Happierco, invite all your team members, and try the recognition tool without major constraints. Everyone will have the possibility of naming anonymously the best performer. It is a very practical and objective recognition process.

The manager you have designated will ensure, along with other staff members, the best employees’ selection and reward. However, you can reward an employee for excellent work at the next weekly staff meeting. All small victories deserve to be celebrated at all times.

Empower employees

In your company, you need to make a policy aimed at making your team members more responsible. Employees in your organization should have enough autonomy that can make them more independent in their work. They must be able to make decisions independently. By giving them more control, they get more involved in the company’s operations, they are more committed, and they make a difference in their work. So, promote staff members who go beyond their responsibilities. Reward people who put creativity into their practice or who innovatively assume their responsibilities.


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Personalize the rewards

Your staff has intrinsic characteristics, divergent interests and varying tastes. Therefore, it is important to take these personal parameters into account in order to reward them.

Gifts offered on occasions to celebrate their merits or on special occasions should reflect each employee’s personal choices. Employees are more engaged when they receive a gift from their company that is personalized to their tastes. To encourage employees to perform better, you should avoid giving them identical gifts.

Free up time for games and fun

Giving employees a break allows them to feel appreciated and valued by their company. It’s not necessarily lunch breaks. Instead, It’s free time for group travel or for activities other than those directly related to their work. Even simply changing tasks for a day or two and letting employees work on something a little different can be refreshing.

Find ways to make your workplace fun. At Happierco, we reserve Friday of each week to learn many other things. During this day, all employees take time away from their main activities to learn foreign languages or discuss self-development books read within the week or how to draw and so many more in between. Also, at the end of each quarter, the manager organizes a small party to celebrate the successes recorded.

An effective approach as a manager is to use Happierco to plan better breaks by creating surveys on different ideas and activities.

The essence is not just limited to fun and games alone but also to have a harmonic atmosphere that creates deep connections from pleasurable memories shared among employees. This helps everyone learn more about one another to give honest recognition.

Use employee recognition appropriate to your culture

Each company has a certain lifestyle. There is no standard recognition culture. You set up employee recognition based on the corporate culture you have developed. Your objectives will not be achieved if your way of distinguishing employees isn’t aligned with the culture prevailing within the company.

Benefits of an excellent employee recognition

By creating an excellent employee recognition culture, here are the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Thanks to the distinction of employees, you retain the best talent of the company. By developing a good employee incentive program, you show them your appreciation for their work. They are, therefore, more motivated, and you retain the most precious asset of the company.
  • The more the employee’s efforts are recognized, the more they will want to exceed their limits. You must, therefore, provide employees with learning and development opportunities.


Employee recognition is beneficial for the growth of the company. There are several ways to establish a good culture of employee recognition in your company. By distinguishing employees according to your company’s culture, you strengthen employee engagement and have a good retention strategy.

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