OKRs Examples for Software Engineering Team

Objectives and Keys Results (OKRs) are a management strategy for goal setting within organizations. OKRs are intended to define the strategy and objectives over a specified period for an organization and teams. At the end of a work period, OKRs provide a reference to assess the extent to which the objectives have been achieved.


Objectives are what we hope to accomplish. Writing them down lets you know later if you’ve reached them or what you have to do to reach them. Any initiative has a purpose, and it’s, therefore, essential to write it down. Choosing the right goals is one of the most challenging things and requires a lot of thought.

Key results

Assuming your goals are well thought out, the key results are the secret sauce to using OKR. Key results are numerical expressions of success or progress toward a goal.

Importance of OKRs for the engineering team

Setting your goals is an essential aspect of any business. Objectives make it possible to measure and monitor employee performance, to motivate them thanks to the results available at short intervals. OKRs are, therefore, extremely essential in determining the definition and achievement of objectives. OKRs can be applied to all departments of an organization, with the engineering team being no exception.

Using engineering OKRs is a great way to focus and align priorities with the rest of the business when creating a product. The engineering department is an extremely dynamic department. Therefore, defining OKRs for the engineering team can balance the boundless aspects of innovation with the constraints that arise from it to ensure that the creativity of the teams can produce tangible results in a consistent manner.

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Engineering OKRs Examples

The OKRs examples below will give you an idea of ​​how to define OKRs for your engineering department.

Example of OKRs for the software engineering team


Improve the performance of our website from 50% to 95%

Key results

  • Reduce the number of bugs by 10%
  • 30% reduction in execution warnings
  • 99% uptime.

Examples of OKRs for CTO

Objective 1

Launch a new project architecture

Key results

  • Design 2 tests with each team
  • Ensure that all teams have kept process records
  • Upgrade the database and complete data migration

Objective 2

Build a World-Class Engineering Team

Key results

  • Maintain a 4:1 onsite “Interview: Hire” ratio
  • Hire 5 referred engineers with exceptional references by end of Q2
  • Offer a $700 reward for referrals to A-Players

Example of OKRs for Individual Software Developer


Optimize blog page conversions from 20% to 45%.

Key results

  • Launch the new version of the blog page by May 10th.
  • 500,000 new page downloads this month.
  • Reduce page load to take less than 1 seconds

Example of OKRs for a Front-End Developer


Improve frontal speed

Key results

  • Ship 6 additional story points in the last quarter
  • Reduce the average delay of static files rendering by 3 seconds
  • Increases unit test coverage by 15%

Example of OKRs for a Back-End Developer


Refactor our old user management module

Key results 

  • Rewrite a new version of our USM with the latest technologies from our stack
  • Survey 5 external API users regarding issues with our authentication
  • Rewrite the API user authentication for the new version
  • Solve 95% of open issues before launching

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