Announcing Happierco Free for Small Businesses

Starting from today, we’re allowing everyone to have free access to some of our most incredible features.

Our mission is to help employees stay productive and engaged irrespective of their company size. So, we thought of giving out the following features for free to companies who cannot yet afford them:

  • OKRs and Goals Setting
  • Unlimited Users
  • Activity Feed
  • Slack Integration

Take a step toward a company culture that makes employee engagement a priority

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We want you to have the best possible experience using Happierco. Invite all your employees or team members. Define goals and set measurable key results at all levels of the company. Communicate the vision and goals to every team member so everyone can be on the page. Track and report progress toward those goals on a regular timetable. And of course, there’s also the Slack integration to get Happierco close to you at all times.

If you need more, there’s still a 14 days free trial for the Growth Plan, feel free to try it out.

We hope this gets you started quickly without waiting to have the budget. It is free forever.

Happierco pricing page

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