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How to improve your communication channels

The business dictionary defines communication as a two-way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange information, news, ideas, and feelings but also create and share meaning.

Successful companies understand that exchanging effective communication within the company is crucial to its growth, happiness, and success. It helps them develop a workforce that can communicate within the company and with customers, vendors, and international partners.

An effective communication channel is critical and helps companies in numerous ways: building employees’ morale, team building, increasing business growth, reduce cultural barriers, customer relations, product development.

It’s difficult for companies, either small or large, to thrive without open, and effective communication. The moment there’s a lack of communication in a company, productivity suffers.

Here are more reasons why companies need to adopt ways that will improve internal communication — ensuring that it becomes a continuous practice throughout the company. Because when there’s active and regular communication between managers and employees, other constituencies within the company will become stronger.

There are several ways of improving communication within the company. Also, if there’s a system for it already, but it’s not active, the infographic below will shed more light on how to improve it.

An extract from NASA’s book to conclude the fact that a Poor or No Communication channel is expensive: In 1999, a $125 million Mars orbiter was sent into space and promptly lost forever. The reason for this colossal financial waste?

Of the two engineering teams assigned to the project, one conducted navigational software calculations in the English system of measurement, while the other used the NASA-standard Metric system. Failure to communicate and address this discrepancy resulted in the orbiter wavering from its intended trajectory before eventually burning up in the atmosphere of Mars. If only they had taken time out to communicate.

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