Personal or individual OKRs: The benefits and practical examples

Objectives and Key Results or OKRs as it is popularly called is a goal-setting tool used by companies, teams, and individuals to set goals with measurable results. OKRs track progress, create alignment and encourage engagement around measurable goals.

A typical OKRs structure consists of a company OKRs, team OKRs, and individual OKRs strategically aligned together. Personal OKRs also referred to as individual OKRs is an employee goal for the company.

Individual employees set their goals based on the goals of the team they belong to. The team goals are motivated by the annual company’s OKRs or top-level objectives. Below is an illustration of what a typical OKRs tree looks like.

Image from OKRs Methodology: The Complete Guide

Why is personal or individual OKRs important?

We can easily come across examples of company and various teams’ OKRs but personal or individual OKRs examples are not easy to come by. Moreso, majority of staff do not clearly understand the importance of personal OKRs. It is easier to set team OKRs because it involves everyone in the team. You’re opened to different points and opinions. But defining a personal OKRs requires more attention and understanding.

The bottom-up approach of setting OKRs in an organization relies on the personal goals workers define for their company. So in this article, we will discuss the benefits and examples of personal OKRs as an individual in a team and for personal development.

10 ways personal OKRs improve your productivity and work quality

In an organization, executives, HR professionals, and senior managers can use OKRs to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the workforce by allowing them to autonomously define their individual goals for the company. They will feel more appreciated, valued, and accountable. This implies that companies using OKRs methodology have high performing teams with happy employees.

The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel. And if your employees don’t feel valued, neither will your customers.

Sybil F. Stershic – author & founder of Quality Service Marketing

1. OKRs helps you stay productive

Companies using OKRs can affirm to the fact that OKRs boost transparency and accountability across all levels. The bottom-up approach also leaves team members with the autonomy to deduce their own personal OKRs. Moreso, it gives you the opportunity to track your progress and validate it with your team objectives. Hence, you know what’s most important and how to get it done faster.

2. OKRs boost your engagement

With the personal goals that OKRs allow you to set, you have a specific goal that you are determined to achieve. When you have a goal to achieve over a given period of time, you give yourself to work, and you’re concerned about your results. Your determination and engagement are therefore hoisted.

3. OKRs makes you more active

Setting goals is a great way to achieve your aspirations. OKRs do this better as it helps you reduce your overwhelming goals into chunks of daily tasks. The mere idea of ​​being able to achieve at least one of your goals constitutes a source of motivation to get to work. Having a goal, especially on a daily basis allows you to be more active at work.

4. OKRs makes you more independent

You no longer need to always go to others to know what to do because you have the main objectives and results that serve as a reference, therefore, you will become more independent after defining your personal goals for the company.

5. OKRs makes you more organized

There are times when you lose sight of your goals and this dispersion affects productivity. It is important to organize yourself and know where you are going to better progress in your work. OKRs are like a calendar for your goals and allow you to be well organized.

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6. OKRs allows you to focus on your priorities

OKRs are defined by a list of 3 to 5 high-level priority objectives, these objectives must be compared with the key measurable results. So when you have a list of objectives, you must classify them by order of importance and select the most priority. You will thus avoid wasting time on not very useful objectives.

7. OKRs saves you time

When you apply the OKRs method, each daily task that you perform contributes to achieving your goals. As your tasks are connected to your key results, which themselves are connected to your objectives, your work is more strategic and intentional. You’re wasting less time and energy on things that serve no purpose.

8. OKRs allows you to follow your progress

The OKRs illustrate the progress made by individuals, teams and the entire company in achieving the company’s mission. So when you set yourself a goal, you are able to track your progress and know how fast you are progressing.

9. OKRs helps you trace problems on time

Sometimes your company may not reach their desired expectation in a quarter. This is something that can easily escalate a controversial argument where team members blame one another for the failure. But with OKRs, you can trace back your personal OKRs to your team OKRs and check to see if it has a direct impact on your team objective. And because of the transparency, you can also observe your team OKR to your company OKRs to see if there’s anything you can alert your team about.

10. OKRs makes you fulfilled and happy

Thanks to OKR, you quickly and efficiently reach your goals and progress towards your achievement. You are better organized and your work becomes easier and more pleasant. You are therefore more fulfilled and happier.

Example of an individual OKRs for a content creator in a marketing team

Let’s take a look at this instance; A small company has a single marketing staff for each marketing function. The company leaders set the annual company OKRs. Then the marketing manager discusses with their team and defines the team OKRs for the quarter (Q1). Afterward, the content creator understands the team OKRs and defines a personal OKRs based on their function.

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Company OKRs

Objective 1: Get initial traction

Key results:

  • Generate $1 million in revenue
  • Launch two new products that will impact our brand in Q3
  • Increase customer retention to 90%

Marketing team OKRs

Objective 1: Increase Brand Awareness

Key results:

  • Have 10 press releases through third party media coverage
  • Write 20 guest articles for other publications in Q1
  • Get 20 key industry influencers in Q1
  • Have 30 fresh blog posts in Q1
  • Reach 2000 follows each for Twitter and LinkedIn

Content creator personal OKRs

Objective 1: Double blog visitors

Key results:

  • Reduce blog bounce rate from 85% to 50%
  • Submit 15 guest posts on websites with DR of 60% upward
  • Deliver 4 quality articles for our blog each week

3 Examples of personal OKRs that highlights personal development

OKRs aren’t just about office duties. You can have OKR for your personal fitness or mental health or even spend more time with your family. These form of OKRs helps you accomplish your life goals, a side project, and personal development. Below are some examples:

Objective 1: Increase my work pace

Key results:

–         Reach 70% of the goals set for the month

–         Work twice as much as the previous month

Objective 2: Develop social relationships

Key results:

–         Participate in at least two group activities this week

–         Read two social relations novels this month

Objective 3: Improve my mental health

Key results:

–         Have a 1-on-1 meeting with my manager twice this month

–        Make sure I get 8 hours of sleep throughout this month

–         Go to the gym 25 times (roughly twice per week)

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