How to define OKRs for marketing teams?

What is OKRs?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a management strategy for goal setting within organizations. It is a framework for defining and tracking objectives and outcomes.

Objectives are specific results that an organization, team or individual aims to achieve within a time frame and with available resources. They are goals, intentions, or purposes to be sought in the future. 

Key Results are a set of metrics that measure your progress towards the Objective. For each Objective, you should have a set of 2 to 5 Key Results. They have to be quantitative and measurable.

Importance of OKRs for your marketing team

The Marketing team/department plays an essential role in promoting the company. They coordinate and produce all the materials representing the company, attract prospects, customers, investors, and the audience’s attention, creating a global image that presents your business in a positive light.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible

Tony Robbins

They are several objectives in marketing, and as such, it is important that these objectives be achieved for the development of the company. With OKRs these objectives can be analyzed, measured and achieved systematically.

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Examples of OKRs for the marketing team

Wondering what the marketing team’s OKRs look like? Go through the examples below to borrow some inspiration.

Objective and key results

Social Media Marketing OKRs

Objective 1: Increase social media reach

Key Results:

  • 20% increase in blog reads via social media shares
  • Get twice as many responses as the previous month
  • Increase the number of followers by 35%

Objective 2: Boost referrals via social media

Key Results:

  • Get 10k website visitors via social media
  • 15% increase in demo requests via social media compared to last month

Product Marketing OKRs

Objective 1: Promote products that interest customers

Key results:

  • Generate 20% more prospects every week
  • Increase demo request by 20%

Objective 2: Maximize awareness of our new Launch

Key results:

  • Generate Launch Content: Trial Sign-up of 100
  • Generate Sessions: Launch Content of 15K

Content Marketing OKRs

Objective 1: Successfully implement lead magnet

Key Results:

  • Make ready 5 solid eBook for lead magnet
  • Grow subscriber base at least 5% per week, getting to 5k downloads

Objective 2: Improve blog content quality

Key Results

  • Increase blog subscribers by 25%
  • 20% increase in leads generated via blog posts

Objective 3: Intensify efforts on content promotion

Key Results

  • Find 20 promotion channels to share old/new articles
  • Get 50 positive response from email outreach
  • Reach out to 200 influencers and publishers

SEO Marketing OKRs

Objective 1: Increase website engagement

Key Results:

  • Increase Avg time on the website from 2.0 to 4.0 minutes per visits
  • Decrease bounce rate from 70% to 30%
  • Get 30k page views per week from SEO efforts

Objective 1: Strengthen website SEO rating

Key Results:

  • Rank first page for 50 relevant keywords
  • 75% traffic on website received through organic search
  • Increase domain score (DR) from 30 to 70 on Ubersuggest
  • Get 1k backlinks from our link building strategy

Email Marketing OKRs

Objective 1: Increase email marketing efforts

Key Results:

  • 20% increase in demo request via email invitation
  • 25% increase in e-book download via email click-through
  • Increase weekly newsletter open rate from 500 to 1000

Branding Marketing OKRs

Objective 1: Increase Brand Awareness

Key Results:

  • Meet 20 key industry influencers 
  • Write 20 guest articles for other publications
  • Launch 5 new ad campaigns
  • Have 10 press releases through third party media coverage
  • Create 10 podcasts

Inbound Marketing OKRs

Objective 1: Increase leads via inbounding marketing

Key Results:

  • 2x conversion from webinar attendees over the previous one
  • 10% boost in eBook downloads
  • Increase demo requests via PPC landing pages by 20%


We highly recommend teams to collaborate together in defining their OKRs as it promotes unity, transparency and gives room for collective ideas. Do not directly copy the examples enumerated above or some other company’s, as it may not concur with your company vision. For more insights check out OKRs Methodology: The Complete Guide.

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