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How to onboard a new employee effectively

With our very changing world, nowadays, companies have to keep updated to grow. Recruiting is one way of staying on top. It costs a lot to seek and get the best talents in a company. When you’re done with the selection, think about new employee onboarding as the final step of recruitment. It is proved that well-onboard employees perform better than others and are very impactful. A few years back, up to 65% of companies had no onboarding process.

What is onboarding?

We recruit to benefit from the skills of our employees. It is, therefore, essential to create appropriate conditions so that they can unlock their potential.

Well, onboarding helps you create those conditions by connecting your new talents to you! It’s that period during which you have to get your employees rooted in their new jobs but also adapted to their workplace social environment. In a few words, you sparkle their interest in your company and ignite their engagement with you.

How to engage new employees?

What do you think makes you different, unique and desirable for your employees as a company? Yes, I’m going to talk about your system of values, the problem you solve by existing, your missions, your habits and your ways of thinking, in short, your corporate culture.

Here is one thing new employee onboarding helps you do: engage your employees in your cause through the transmission of your core values. You will quickly recognize those who adhere to these values and want to participate in your mission. Employee engagement is not improvisation; it does not magically appear. It is about rallying people to your company’s vision and motivating them to take action. That explains why engaged employees maintain better performances.

How to build strong relationships?

How can you describe your company’s social support? When you are facing competition, you can quickly realize that employees on good terms at work and standing together help their company stay afloat.

Here is where good onboarding helps again. Through the onboarding process, you will have to get the former and the new generations together. The old employees with plenty of experience with your product, and the new ones bringing in new knowledge and experiences: imagine the collaboration! But more than just adding value to your company, strong relationships strengthen your employees’ engagement.

Engaged employees build strong relationships and contribute to your company’s success.

How to make new employees successful in their role?

We previously said that engaged and happy or well-integrated employees perform better. Now we must admit that they also learn fast. It is what makes them quickly operational and ready to serve. The warm working environment plus their engagement would soon create a space for creativity, innovation, and autonomy.

Some fundamental points for integrating a new employee

Each company is free to build a specific process for its employees. It is necessary they adapt it to their realities. Here are the integration process of general phases.

Welcoming the newcomer

Tell everybody about the new employee coming and introduce them to everyone. Show them with your corporate culture and further information.


The mentor is more focused on the technical aspects of the onboarding. They can still help and answer endless interrogations on the organization and so on.

Following up

From the start, be attentive to the new employee. Generally after their first day, week, and month it’s required to ask about their feelings, what surprises them positively as well as negatively. You can even ask them what can help them better adapt.

It will never be said enough: your employees are your first wealth. Their performance involves you. Hopefully, you can be helpful and help them unlock their potential through a proper onboarding process. Take time to engage and strengthen your workforce and assure your company success.

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