What Are The Benefits of OKRs Methodology in Companies?

The growth of companies often depends on the mechanism or methodology of success that they use. The OKRs methodology is becoming one of those recognized principles used to really grow and manage an enterprise. It has many benefits and a significant impact at all levels of the company. But first of all, let’s know shortly what does OKR stand for?

What are OKRs?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a methodology for managing the objectives of your company to enable you to effectively achieve its vision.

It consists of setting quite ambitious objectives at all levels depending on the structure or organization of your company. Each objective is followed by key results, quantifiable data to measure your momentum in achieving the goals.

Each objective is essential and all levels of the company must work to achieve the company’s OKRs. Everyone must be determined to do their work diligently and efficiently to carry the team along. It is also very crucial that all the objectives at various levels are aligned to unite the forces for the practical achievement of the specific goals (objectives) of the company during a quarter.

How can the OKR structure be?

OKRs methodology structure
OKR Structure

The OKR structure is simple. For each objective — at most four per quarter — there are three to five key results. You can set individual OKRs, team OKRs, and company OKRs but never forget to align them. Individual OKRs must be aligned with team OKRs and team OKRs aligned with company OKRs. This alignment makes you sure that you are on the right path to the success of the quarter.

Reasons to use OKRs methodology

There are many reasons to use OKRs methodology. Firstly, OKRs becomes unavoidable in the business world and offer many important benefits.

The OKRs, unavoidable in the business world?

A company that does not have objectives is like a ship without a cap that sails in the waves of the sea. It does not have control because it does not know where to go.

Every company must have clear and precise goals around which employees must mobilize. An employee may seem incompetent just because they do not know what to do.

Goals are ideal for business and, without doubt, the OKR methodology, since its inception in 1970, is an important key for business. Moreover, several large companies such as Google, Netflix, Twitter have adopted it to increase their income and keep their employees more engaged in their various tasks.

The OKRs are unavoidable today in the world and all the companies that use them testify to its importance. Their popularity has exponentially grown in 2013 when Rick Klau, a partner at Google Ventures made a presentation on how Google defines its Goals: OKRs.

OKRs offer important benefits

‘‘The general purpose of the OKRs is to allow all levels of the company to go in the same direction, to allow the concentration of all agents on the work to be performed, the objectives of the company and accompany with the follow-up required to achieve the objectives through the key results’’. But HOW?

The OKRs:

bring clarity and transparency in the company

With this methodology, everyone has access to all of the company’s objectives, and therefore he has a better view of individual contributions and collective ambitions. You can know what to do clearly and how to do it.

represent a great lever to improve the way you manage

In fact, as a manager, you have to organize and lead employees to the vision of the company. This methodology allows you to make work effectively employees and follow them in what they do. You have direct feedback about what is impeding their work.

The OKRs methodology helps you become a great manager and allow you to be closer to your employees, which is very great for your company.

promote better communication

Employees must work together, set goals together and results are to be achieved individually and collectively. This methodology promotes better communication. It offers a possibility for them to collaborate easily and work in a good ambiance.

allow innovation

When an employee works in a good environment and the managers of the company trust them, letting them set their individual goals and those of their team in collaboration with the other members, it promotes innovation. Moreover, it makes them feel important for the company. So, it really makes them work more and better.  

prevent crises

In a company with a lot of employees, it’s sure that certain crises or frustrations can happen. Thanks to a working tool – a simple spreadsheet or a dedicated application like Happierco – that allows you to view, track and easily helps you to manage your OKRs, you can follow the progress of your employees, to gather their feedback to prevent issues

OKRs are an important asset to boost and work better with your employees.

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