Seven Tips To Engaging Your Boss Effectively

People who are extreme extroverts have always surrounded me. I was regarded as an introvert by my peers. But really, I’m a mixture of both an introvert and an extrovert.

Presently, I work for a boss who needs employees who are mind readers. His actions as an introvert didn’t do me much good. But right now, I’m enjoying and preferring the journey. How did I get here? That’s what I will be sharing. Tips on how to be productive, be at your best in what you do and please your Boss. Because the truth is told, they are hardly pleased.

Tip 1: Be open-minded

You can’t control the way your boss will respond towards you, but you can control how you will react towards your boss. To work more effectively, make efforts to consider your Boss’s point of view. There will be times you don’t just get his views, but be open-minded and you will see better what he means. Also, be open-minded to adjustments. Change the things you can that will make your Boss relate better with you.

Tip 2: Understand the personality differences

It took me a while to understand that my boss and I are different. We are from a different planet entirely. We all can’t work the same way. My boss’s level of thinking is entirely different from mine. Get to know your boss’s ‘characteristics.’ Know that his qualities are not the same as yours.

Tip 3: Understand his moods

For me, this was the easiest to do. Understanding the good and bad moods of people. Knowing when to make a request and make some delicate decisions. Understand how your boss works, what excites him, and when he’s not in the mood to relate. When you bring up some ideas you believe are great, check out his facial and body reaction to it. It will help speed up your level of productivity, especially tasks that are connected to him.

Tip 4: Plan your role

Know your roles, and do them well. When given a stipulated time to finish a job, try to finish it on time, it is better that way. If you are expected to have some sales at this period, plan towards it and make sure it doesn’t spill over into another period. And if you are not sure what your roles are, don’t hesitate to ask. From what I was able to get, they like it when you ask them questions. Well, issues that are concise and concerns the work.

Tip 5: Don’t get lazy round your job

As you already know, you have to be a mind reader. Don’t wait to find out what next thing to do, cos it’s rare for that to happen. You have to take up the step yourself. In times when you can handle a situation at hand, you shouldn’t wait for your boss to intervene, use your discretion, take it up and see that it is settled. Laziness doesn’t speak well for bosses especially the ones who are workaholics. If you lazy round your job you might be a few steps from losing it.

Tip 6: Acknowledgement

Try to find out how your boss appreciates a work well done. For some, you may get a verbal or written appreciation, while some might put you to a treat, or a raise, and all you might get from some is silence. In times when you don’t receive a pat on the back for a job well done, don’t feel bad, find your sense of accomplishment within you.

Tip 7: Means of Communication

Search for ways you can communicate effectively with your boss. For a busy boss, choose a means of communication he will feel comfortable to use and will be fast to reply with.

To work effectively with your boss all you need is patience and you will experience the most productive and enjoyable workplace. Though all I shared are not established standards to work with a Boss. But these ways have helped me develop a healthy work relationship with my boss as to everyone, his strokes. While you try out these tips, you may find some other things that will work well for your boss.

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