How Happierco help our team stay engaged and productive?

When a company begins to grow, it faces several problems. Not every business leader can keep up with managing a growing company without losing sight of the goals or feeling small and lost in the crowd or wondering if their ideas still count and can influence the results positively.

When growth is not critically tracked and managed; it affects the productivity of the workforce and then the company begins to lose to competitors and growth declines. All of these problems make business leaders worry a lot about growth instead of being proud of it.

Fortunately, our team is no longer afraid of seeing the business grow. We welcome the development with enthusiasm and serenity because we have Happierco. Discover in this article what Happierco is and how we use it to help our teams stay engaged and productive.

What is Happierco?

Happierco is the employee engagement and performance solution that helps managers align the company, team, and individual goals. More emphatically, Happierco is designed to create productive environments that promote a culture of accountability and transparency, and more.

Vision: Enable the empowerment of core employees to stimulate the growth and change of the company.

Mission: To help growing companies establish a positive and inclusive corporate culture where employees are engaged, motivated, and happy to contribute to the company’s success.

How Happierco help our team to stay engaged and productive?

It helps teams to grow fast with practical Objectives, 1-on-1s, Priorities, Recognitions, OKRs, 360 Reviews, Pulse surveys, etc. 

Goal setting and OKRs to define our goals

With Goal Setting and OKRs, we define the goals of the company, teams, and individual goals aligned. We share progress and keep everything at the same level of information. We can follow our progress; visualize the alignment between departments and teams to allow everyone to work to achieve the company’s objectives.

Happierco OKRs

1-on-1 Meetings to conduct meetings between managers and employees

1-on-1 helps managers develop relationships with members of their team through regular meetings. We often schedule these individual meetings to discuss relevant topics, problems we encounter during work, and prioritize the next steps. Unlike group meetings, these meetings allow you to focus on one problem at a time and give interest to each individual and their work. This will enable him or her to be a little more engaged and productive.

1:1 meetings

Priorities to define action plans

With priorities, we define our action plans at every moment to reach the goals we’ve set in the OKRs. The company defines its priorities as well as the team and the individuals. Each member remains focused on the current priority and can track their progress.

Happierco Priorities

Recognition for praising the best performers

It is very important to recognize people for their work. Look for well-executed tasks and the best team or team players to congratulate them. This helps show the best performers that their work counts. In our team, for example, every Monday, we devote time to recognitions. Each team member recognizes another member for their work or efforts during the previous week. It is a wonderful moment of sharing and encouragement.

Employees who do not feel adequately recognized have a lower engagement and are twice as likely to say they’ll quit in the next year (Achievers)

360° feedback to improve our strength and weakness 

360° feedback makes it possible to monitor progress and align the team with fundamental values, support team members, develop an ideal team culture and exchange comments at any time. It helps us improve our strengths and weaknesses. In short, it helps us to simplify our 360° feedback process.

happierco 360 degree feedback

Pulse surveys

Pulse surveys help to obtain information on employee happiness and engagement through frequent and automated surveys using questions. It helps to collect anonymous comments to make objective decisions and have honest discussions. Employees discover what they are doing well and what is wrong to improve the workspace and the company culture which increases employees’ happiness.

pulse surveys

Amidst the COVID19 crisis, we took to working from home. We continued to use pulse surveys to get everyone’s answers which we used to establish a profound remote work culture. Learn more from our pulse surveys guide for remote teams

Team meetings

The team meetings are a moment of dialogue that allows us to know the progress of the work at the level of each individual and each team. Our team achieves this in three stages. First, each department meets and the members inform each other about the progress of their work by talking about the activities carried out the past week and the activities to be carried out this week. It is then the managers’ turn to meet and report the summary of their team’s development and tackle pressing problems. The general meeting follows so that the point is made to the whole team before moving on to the recognitions.

In summary, Happierco helps our team to keep everyone on the same wavelength, to receive honest comments to increase transparency within the team, to develop solid and lasting relationships, and to encourage innovation and resolve problems in time.

Don’t be afraid of the development of your business. If your business is growing and you are looking for a way to stay in control, don’t hesitate to try Happierco.

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