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How to motivate an underperforming employee

Employee performance and commitment are two valuable assets that bring about enormous growth in a business. However, the consistency of these two assets is not always guaranteed. As a manager or leader, throughout your career, you would sometimes face the underperformance and even the disengagement of some employees. Knowing how to handle an underperforming employee could benefit everyone.

The doctor, before prescribing a drug auscultates the patient then makes a diagnosis. First, you need to know what is the basis of this underperformance before looking for the right solutions.

I- Some causes of an underperforming employee

The causes may be related to employment issues or non-employment issues.

A- Employment issues

1- Not placing the employees on the right track

In reality, the employees may be placed in a position they do not have the necessary skills. In this case, the employees will not be productive at all, thereby leading to a setback. It happens especially when you generally recruit without a defined profile for a position.

2- Giving an employee too many responsibilities at a time

We can not pursue two hares at a time, and we do not all have the same abilities. You have to be able to know the strength and skills of your employees. If one of them can manage many responsibilities at a time, it does not mean that all can do the same.

The decline in performance regularly watches the employees in several hats. Moreover, to accumulate several responsibilities is to say that you have skills in the various areas of those responsibilities. Which joins the first point. Therefore, It is good to give out one task at a time and seeing to it that it is executed before giving out another.

3- Giving Poor remuneration

Yes, poor remuneration can lead to underperformance and then to a disengagement. Indeed, some employees are demotivated because of their remuneration and seek to attract your attention. Their disengagement leads to their underperformance. If you know your employees well, it will be easier for you to identify this relationship.

4- Having poor working conditions

Lousy working conditions understood to be things like lack of sufficient communication, unresolved conflict between the employees, the frustration of employees based on bad comments, lack of working amenities. In short, if the framework is not sufficiently favorable, it can lead to underperformance and the disengagement of your employees.

B- Non-employment issues

1- Problems related to their family

Some personal problems related to their family may, of course, be a cause of their underperformance. No-end quarrels, recalcitrant children, their health or that of their family, the loss of parents or loved ones can influence your employees and give their emotional troubles. Once there’s an emotional breakdown, it affects the employees’ productivity in general.

2- Problems related to their environment after work

It is quite clear that an undesirable environment cannot benefit your employees.

As you can see, there are several reasons why your employees’ performance is uncertain. Moreover, an underperforming employee can trigger a domino effect and drag out other employees, which can make you tumble in the growth. However, if you know enough about your employees and follow these few tips that follow, you could get them out of this discomfort.

Leaders don’t force people to follow, they invite them on a journey.

An anonymous

II- Tips to understanding and help an underperforming employee

Find out what the problem is

You can not help them if you do not know what they need or what they have. We can not treat a disease without knowing it. Strive to interact with them. If you can do it directly in the interview, it would be much better. Do not expect them to come to you all the time.

After some bad results for a while, try to understand and know the problem if it is related to family, health, or anything to help them. It shows them the seriousness and importance you give them. It affects employees.

Hold a meeting with them

The purpose of the interview is to discuss the problem of their underperformance. First and foremost, be friendly, persuade them to tell you their problem. Show them that their situation is bothering you.

Help them out of trouble

After talking with them, be sure that you have found an alternative to get them out of trouble that prevents them from doing their job correctly. For example, if there is an internal conflict in the workplace, call the people involved, and resolve it immediately. If it is a lack of skills or accumulation of too many tasks, you will need to reorganize your staff efficiently according to their abilities and look for performance.

Your discussions with the employees must lead to practical solutions to their problems. They will reward you with their commitment to work. Go ahead and set new performance goals together.

Define new performance goals together

Once you have identified the problem and solved it, you must define new performance goals that they must strive to achieve. Achieving these new performance goals proves that the issue is truly resolved.

Moreover, it is not only when the employee is underperforming that we must seek to define the performance objectives with them. Try a few times to work with employees. It makes commitment higher.

Take a step toward a company culture that makes employee engagement a priority

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Follow up

It would be a monumental mistake that after these steps, especially the previous one, not to follow the employees that you rescued until now. Then, it requires regular monitoring of the performance for a specified period.

This monitoring can be done through performance management and employee engagement applications like Happierco through which you can comment on its progress, give advice, indicate your expectations.

Give feedback

You barely realize it but giving feedback is important for your employees. So, comment on their progress and their results. It’s always a joy for the employees to see their leader appreciate their work, encourage them, and congratulate them. It shows that they are on the right path, and it is exciting.

We all know that being human isn’t perfect. So, if it is not good, always comment but be more understanding than shouting. It is not the time to make your employees feel guilty about the company’s regression to put negative pressure on them. Avoid negative comments.

Learn to recognize and congratulate for extra efforts

This step is essential because it is the moment when they prove that they have not lost esteem and they are getting back into their performance. The thankful back tap can motivate them to do better, to engage frankly. “Good job” or ” you’ve done a great, thank you!” can make sense to them.

Motivate them further

It’s up to you to know what your employees want. As we said above, poor pay can lead to demotivation and create underperforming employees. If you find that the employees deserve an increase, discuss it with them.

These are all tips that can help you rescue underperforming employees. If after following all these delicacies and steps, your employees continue to underperform in their areas, call on Human Resources Management Specialist to help them if you do not want to lose them.

If after that, nothing essentially changes, let them leave or ask them to leave because their situation can lead to the domino effect of frustration within your company.

In short, try the best to help your employees. Above all, do not neglect the situation hoping that your employees will recover quickly or pending the annual performance review to act.

Finally, tip: learn to recruit from now on according to the qualification required to a position to avoid the lack of skills, because this is one of the real causes of the underperformance.

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