Make better decisions for your business with Happierco.

We are releasing big improvements to insights stats and notifications settings.

1. Find a new dashboard in the main menu

You can now easily consult your dashboard in one click from the Dashboard menu link. Make better decisions, change your team habits, and grow faster with this simple dashboard.
You now have more clarity about objectives and activities at all levels of the company.

Objectives status
This first part of the Dashboard shows you the status of your goals. What is even more interesting is that you can track your progress visually with the green, yellow and red colored chart.

Teams Health
This other part of the Dashboard tells you how your team and teammates are doing in terms of goals alignments and feedback culture.

Objectives progress
This graph shows you the weekly progress of objectives at all levels of your company. It allows you to keep track of how you’re doing overall in terms of reaching your goals.

Know exactly how many members of your team are doing reports/check-ins each week.

Find the exact number of team members who received feedback throughout the weeks.

2. More specific notifications settings

Decide where and which useful information you want to receive. Not wanting to be distracted by some notifications? Or want to be informed of activities at specific levels of your company to make better decisions on time? We got you covered.

In short, as we like to say, time is gold and transparency in order. With these news improvements, we hope to make it easier and faster for you to access key data about your company culture health in Happierco.

Take a step toward a company culture that makes employee engagement and performance a priority

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