Objectives Widget for Embedding

It is recommended for fast-growing companies to track their success metrics on simple KPIs dashboards. A dashboard keeps you focused on the most important metrics, allows you to track them easily and know in real-time where you’re doing great and what you should improve.

With Happierco Objectives Widget, it’s now easy for you to embed your OKRs in any dashboard and get reports outside of the Happierco software.

The Objectives Widget can be embedded into any page using web technologies, including but not limited to Google sites, corporate employee portals, internal sites, SharePoint pages, without changing your existing processes and workflow. The Widget works not only on desktop pages but also on mobile.

How To Get The Objectives Widget Embed Code

Embedding the Objectives Widget is a very fast and straightforward process:

Step 1 — Log in to your Happierco account.

Step 2 — Go to the Administration page. In addition click Settings.

Step 3 — Click “Embed” on the menu. After that, copy the embed code displayed on the page.

For more details about the Objectives Widget, visit our help center.

Start using the Objectives Widget now.

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