Workplace diversity and Inclusion: Two corporate strategies and sustainability initiatives

Diversity and inclusion are imperative for the proper development of activities within a company. Promoting these two values ​​helps create an environment rich in ideas that open the door to different perspectives. A diverse environment is much more efficient than an environment of smart, but alike, thinking people. Any business that wants to be successful must look for ways to integrate diversity and inclusion into their process.

A diverse environment is much more efficient than an environment of smart, but alike, thinking people.

Diversity and inclusion are about giving value to every human being, no matter our differences. In a nutshell; Diversity is being invited to a party. Inclusion is being given the floor to dance.

Promoting diversity is essential to the performance of the company and naturally to all employees. Taking diversity into account helps people gain self-confidence, realize their potential, and make the most of it in their work.

35% of diverse teams outperform less diverse teams. Another research conducted by Mckinsey shows diverse companies are more likely to capture 70% of new markets. Due to its subtlety, unconscious bias leads to intentional exclusion. But you have the ability to influence chance right now.

Importance of diversity and inclusion in business

Promotion of diversity and inclusion in business has several major advantages for the business. These include: 

  • Better quality of working relationships 
  • Committed and loyal employees 
  • More relevant thinking mechanisms 
  • Ease of finding ingenious answers 
  • Better decision making 
  • Increased innovation 
  • Increased productivity

How to create a diverse inclusive workplace?

Set a goal: succeed together

The success of a business depends on the success of its work team. The most competitive teams are often those that are united. To foster inclusion, the team must set a goal and stay united to achieve it. Each individual must count. A good team is one that grows together.

A diverse team succeed together

See the employees as they are

The manager of a team does not see the employees only as workers. Each employee is above all a person who has their own values ​​and aspects. Employees are different from each other and each of them should be seen as they are. You will only achieve this through constant interactions. You have to pay attention to everyone’s work and provide your support if necessary. This will allow them to give the best of them.

Pay attention to employees

You need to be aware of how external events may affect your employees, occasionally check in with your more distant employees to find out if everyone is doing well, and provide support with personal issues and to show that the company cares about its employees.

If you dedicate time to know your team, you end up building a strong relationship with them which places you in a better position to help them improve their performance.

Develop the spirit of inclusion

It is up to team managers to promote inclusive behavior with each employee. To achieve this, you must:

  • Avoid prejudices or other unprofessional behavior
  • Listen to and take into consideration the ideas of each employee
  • Delegate tasks in a fair and thoughtful way to give everyone the chance to stand out
  • Avoid any form of discrimination

Transform the workplace

To promote inclusion, what could be better than making the workspace a place where every employee feels comfortable? To transform your workspace into a place that promotes inclusion, you need to:

  • Create a workplace where people feel they can be themselves and make a contribution regardless of their status.
  • Allow personal expression through color and the addition of personal details. Prioritize authentic and inspiring spaces over perfection.
  • Build trust to promote good collaboration.

6 methods to optimize your company’s diversity and inclusion policy

Integrate diversity into your values ​​and your corporate culture

Diversity must be mainstreamed at all levels of the organization and its promotion must be through all available communication channels.
It should be expressed through your leadership training, resource planning, and training programs.

Encourage mutual understanding

Diversity covers several different aspects. It could be body language, the use of personal space, dress code, or the ability to understand one another from one culture to another. It is important to find a way to integrate all these differences into the way the business operates.

Recruit without discrimination

For quality recruitment, you must wear your most neutral personality. Ethnicity, gender, religion, or any discriminatory aspect should not guide your choice. You have to prioritize the talent of the person in front of you. No one wants to be reduced to a simple identity trait.

Plan for the diversity of your team 

The diversity of your team will not happen by chance, it’s up to you to plan it. Are you wondering if this is possible? It is and there is a simple way to do it. When recruiting people, don’t set several requirements that make everyone who ultimately applies to have the same profile. Be less strict with that. It’s not about recruiting people who are qualified in areas that are not useful to you. The technique is simple, sometimes people put limits on the age of people who apply or even the age of diplomas, start by removing some of those details that force you to recruit people of the same age range. An older employee will certainly have more experience, but a younger employee will likely have more connection to the modern world. Diversify your recruitment platforms and encourage differences.

Aim for the long term

You managed to have a team made up of people who are different from each other, that’s great. But the real work begins there. You have to know how to manage this team and ensure that it shares lasting ties. Your diversity and inclusion policy must include tangible support for the development and fulfillment of the employee after hiring.

Don’t forget to include your employees

It is very important to know that promoting diversity and inclusion is not just the job of the manager. The manager is just a guide. If your employees don’t share your vision, your strategy will fail very quickly. It’s like the story of school children who drop out of school because of their friends’ mockery. Peer input is often of great importance. You can be the fairest and most impartial manager, but if you forget to get your people to follow your example, they will tear themselves apart for simple prejudice and the team will fall apart. Staying united must be the goal of each member of the team.


Diversity and inclusion have become essential to the development of a team and business. But for this to happen, your business must first promote an inclusive culture. Also, diversity and inclusion must be the struggle of every member of the company, not just the manager. The progress of innovation and the future of a flourishing society depends on its ability to bring out the best in each individual.

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