Keep your team engaged and productive

  • Define and communicate your vision and goals.
  • Make sure everyone is aligned to the top priorities.
  • Track progress and improve transparency.
Goal setting using OKRs with Happierco
1:1 meeting notes page in Happierco

Retain your best team members

  • Develop your relationship with your teammates through regular 1-on-1 meetings.
  • Be well prepared with questions templates and prioritize your next actions.
  • Support your team members and help them overcome challenges.
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Rudy Setiawan - Managing Director

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Happierco brings our team together even closer than before.

Suitable for small teams

OKRs / Goal Setting

Track progress and reach your objectives as a team working closer together.

1-on-1 Meetings

Run transparent meetings that help your team members grow and be productive.

Activity Feed

Get real-time updates from every team member, and stay on top of things.

Slack Integration

Combine with the tools you love to use, and receive updates without leaving Slack.

Unlimited Users

Get all your team members involved, engaged and productive

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