Aligned and transparent goals turn employees into
high performers

OKRs alignment view

Departments, teams, and individuals can define their goals. Align them with the top priorities of your company using OKRs methodology and SMART goals.

Track in real-time the key results progress of your workforce and stay informed of their confidence to achieve their goals (on track, off track, at risk).

Build a collaborative team and work better

Collaborative objectives empower your employees to stay connected, work and help each other, and discuss the progress of their goals.

With Happierco, your employees can be responsible for managing a team objective. They can also contribute to the key-results progress of their team with a personal goal.

Team objectives collaboration view

Plan each week actions to achieve your goal

Personal priorities view to reach OKRs

Don't just set goals, achieve them! Prioritize your work each week, stop wasting time, and stay organized.

Get a bird's eye view of your teammates' progress every day and help them reach their priorities faster.

Know where your attention is needed

Analytics and real-time insights help you make the right decisions to become more successful.

Export your data anytime you want in excel format.

OKRs alignment list view

Understand how to strongly set OKRs, manage,
and achieve your objectives.

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